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Fire and Ice

Wintery ice and snow landscapes alternate in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps with the beauty of the summer in a constant form during the different seasons of the year. This antagonism of summer and winter, of heat and cold, is being reflected in the element of fire with its opponent, the ice. In doing so, fire and ice stand for energy and initiative, respectively strength and considerateness. The activities and experiences for the holiday in this field are as many-sided as the Alps and South Tyrol themselves. Skitours or snowshoeing are part of this as much as ice-climbing, a skisafari or an airboard run. On the other hand there are the fiery activities for the summer: Go for a GoKart race or a driver safety training so that you arrive safely to your holiday to your hotel and back again. In the symbolism in South Tyrol as well as the Alps the dragon is closely connected with the fire. Often it is being found as a gargoyle on fountains.


The element earth can be seen in a very special form in South Tyrol: The mountain and rock landscapes of the Alps, like for example the Dolomites, on the one hand side and the valleys on the other side merge to a harmonic unit and form the harsh and at the same time idyllic landscape. With almost 4.000 meters the Ortler is the highest mountain. The earth element symbolizes growth and development. Different adventures, activities and experiences for the holiday in South Tyrol respectively the Dolomites and the Alps are waiting for you in the field of earth: With the mountainbike or the racingbike you discover the region on new ways. At downhill respectively freeride you speed up. Segway offers an alternative way to move. Horsebackriding, golf and climbing is rather quiet and related to nature. Still, several qualities are being required! In the symbolism of South Tyrol respectively the Alps the tree of life is closely connected with the earth and in the true sense of its meaning enrooted in it. In old times it was being seen as holy.


A clear, fresh and cool mountain air is responsible for the typical climate of the Alps. Also the activities are taking place high above the ground in lofty height. The element of air stands for the beginning of the day and the awakening. In the field of air the following adventures, activities and experiences in South Tyrol respectively the Dolomites and the Alps exist, both in holiday or in the day to day life or as a gift idea for a voucher: Tandemparagliding, ballooning, zipline, bungyjumping, helicopter sightseeing flight, skydiving, high ropes course and heliski / -snowboard. In the symbolism of South Tyrol and the Alps the eagle, who is closely connected with the element of air, plays an important role. He can be found in many South Tyrolean emblems as well as on traditional costumes and is deeply enrooted in the cultural development.


A multitude of rivers and mountain lakes pass through South Tyrol and the mountain world of the Dolomites and the Alps. This forms its character essentially. The most famous among them are the Etsch, the Eisack and the Rienz with a total length of more than 300 kilometers. The biggest lake with a surface of 660 hectare is the Reschensee. Therefore, the element of water plays a decisive role in the scenic forming. It symbolizes deepness and quietness. The activities and experiences for the holiday in South Tyrol and the Alps in this field are numerous: At kayaking, rafting or hydrospeed you experience the river very closely. Canyoning is an adventure of a special kind and even surfing is possible at a holiday in South Tyrol and the Alps, either when kitesurfing or in the classical way of windsurfing on one of the beautiful lakes in the region. In the symbolism in South Tyrol as well as the Alps the snake is closely connected with the water. It is being seen in a positive way and symbolizes luck and prosperity.


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